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So where did it all start and what is the Boomerang Racer project

3D Solid Works File Preview

3D Solid Works File Preview

2012 saw the come back year for the NCAR (National Championship Reno Air Races). All of the pilots and returning fans where glad for the races to be on at all. I for one was very happy – during the off season we had made a number of changes to Drag Racer and were looking forward to seeing how they would perform. With the help of Craig from Catto Propellors and Paulo from UFMG, we had a new prop and new lower cowl intake. In the end we finished 2nd and had a great year – we even won one of the heat races! Which is awesome considering we were up against Phantom! You can check out DragRacer’s results¬†here.

Towards the end of the week the team had an impromptu round table discussion over some plans that Dennis Vest originally drew up back in 2007. These were the plans for a new kind of racer…the Boomerang Racer. Those that were part of this group (Dennis Vest, Paulo Iscold, Craig Catto, Red Hamilton, Bobby Graham) where all witness to the ¬†decision to BUILD! Looking around the table at the time – it was just perfect… one of this aligning of the planets moments when a group of passionate air race enthusiasts all shared the same vision to build what I call: A New Generation of Air Race Biplane. So it was decided – we scanned the plans from Dennis and handed them over into the capable hands of Paulo and the UFMG university, Brazil. Thus the ‘Boomerang Racer’ Project was born.

The Blank Canvas Boomerang Racer | Sponsor Space

The Blank Canvas
Boomerang Racer | Sponsor Space

It’s our desire to become competitive at the forefront of the biplane class. Tom Aberle (Phantom) who has done a great deal for the Biplane class and who’s efforts and drive to go fast are what we all should be striving for. We share that desire and have our eyes and goals set to chase a few records of our own. Find out more about Boomerang Racer.

See you at the races!