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It all started with a chance phone call to Lancair in an attempt to find some information on a couple of Lancair kits I had been researching over on the west coast. Lancair were very helpful and gave me lots of great information about the aircraft, the builds as well as some names of builder assists who could help

me with my project once I found the right one ! Lancair also gave me another lead on a project in PA! Oh boy, why did it have to be PA… the good ones are always half way across the country. A few phone calls to the owner later and I was sure this kit was the one for me. Built mostly at the factory and by a Lancair factory technician I felt happy to go go to the expense and trouble of flying out to PA to take a look. Never been to PA so now’s as good a time as any I guess!

Well – I couldn’t have asked for a better experience… the owner and his wife were both very hospitable and kept us sheltered and fed for a couple of days whilst we packed up the Legacy for the 2,533 mile drive back to So Cal from PA! Really wasn’t looking forward to the trip by myself so I flew my brother out to help with me and share the drive back home.

What a great experience. It’s a road trip I’ll never forget. Now for the real journey – to build the Super Legacy!

Check out the gallery for some shots from the trip as well as some initial shots of the build. We’ll be updating some more in the coming weeks. THE GOAL – Sport Pylon Racing School 2015!