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panel (2)There are many aspects to the panel and cockpit interior. First there is a lot of trimming and modifications to the quite raw components and then fitting, trimming, more fitting, then more trimming, rinse and repeat!

I decided to replace the aluminum panel inserts which are quite heavy with some carbon fiber ones I would make myself. A good opportunity to figure out how to make quality and flat carbon panels! The carbon panels I finally crafted came out great. I was quite happy with the finish but there were still a few pinholes. But good enough for the panels and later I would refinish them again and attempt to fill in the pin holes and then lacquer with a satin clear coat.

panelpanel (2)

Avionics Shelf

The avionics shelf comes as a rectangular piece of material that needs to be cut and trimmed to fir the aircraft and your unique systems application. I chose to cut down the shelf significantly since we were not planning any IFR systems at all and the install should fair on the simple side! Simple is a term I use loosely!!!

avionics shelf

avionics shelf (1)





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