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Hydraulic Systems

hydraulics (12)Another first here. Have never cut, nor flared a piece of aluminum tube in my life. This was a daunting task for a systems that were, shall we say quite cruvial (Fuel and Gear). Again tools here are the key… don’t go cheap… you’ll be cutting a lot of tube and only the best tools will do.

The flaring tool I opted for was this one from Spruce: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/topages/flaringtools2.php

The tube bender was this one: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/topages/470-fh.php

Starting simple is the key! Do some straight lines and get the hang of the simple stuff first. Then work your way forward towards the firewall where it gets a little tougher.


hydraulics pump (1)Again wherever possible it’s a good idea to work outside of the aircraft. For the tubing beyond the secondary bulkhead it’s a good idea to make a template of the hole locations and passthroughs you’ve already drilled and then make a wood template.

Before installing any of the lines I treated the inside of the cockpit and bulkhead areas with epoxy primer sealer in all of the hydraulic areas that may be exposed to oil and then I painted the entire area with Zolatone paint. This is a race plane and it will not get a major plush interior!




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