Flap System

The flap system while simple to most was quite a challenge for the non-educated electrical guy. But with some help from a few builders and friends and the right tools it all eventually made sense. wiring (4)

The manual is actually very helpful and not being an experienced reader of electrical systems layouts the pictorial images in the Lancair manual are actually very good. Working outside of the aircraft helps alot and not having to arch your torso through the Legacy window is quite nice!!

I did not have a relay mount so I crafted one out of some flat sheet carbon fiber that I had left over and then bonded the relays in place with a small spot of Hysol. If one ever fails then a quick grind of the hysol with a dremmel tool will allow a replacement to be installed.

In all of the testing I did not have a 24V source and could only test the circuit once I had the 24V system installed. A few months passed before I could test – but what do you know it worked!


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