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Brake Systems

rudder brakes (1)The brake systems are relatively simple and are perhaps more mechanical than any of the previous tasks I’ve tackled so far, such as learning how to use epoxy resin, micro, flox and general carbon fiber application.

I originally made all of the lines from Nylaflow tubing and Krygon outer shield per the manual. I was quite happy with this for a while until I noticed the nylaflow joints begin to crimp and twist at the joints. I did not want a brake failure in an aircraft such as this so I trashed them all and used them as templates for a pro to make hydraulic braided lines from. This worked out great and we made a great sponsor to boot!

Not in the manual but a small perk to me was the call to decide and install a parking brake. Although this will more than likely be a fair weather aircraft and only used for racing there may be the occassion that having a parking brake would come in handy. I reached out to Bobby Grove from Grove Aircraft and again managed to convince Robby to sponsor our team.

We ended up trading out the stock wheels, brakes and calipers for the much upgraded Grove Aircraft equipment. Robbie is an awesome guy and the parts are second to none!

brakes (9)

Grove Calipers being installed! Big thanks to Robbie and anyone needing brakes, wheels and or both… give them a call and tell them that Grove Aero sent you!

grove brakes










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